I am a freelance eLearning creator and developer. I specialize in development and instructional design with a passion for creating interesting and engaging learning experiences. I'm enthusiastic about life, technology and innovation.

Who Am I

As a senior eLearning developer with extensive experience in the global technology industry, I bring a broad range of expertise in the solutions delivery lifecycle. This includes engaging stakeholders to assess needs and diagnose business problems, defining effective learning strategies and objectives, adept project management, and creating engaging training materials that are both efficient and accessible while maintaining an element of fun.


My skills extend to developing compelling content, leveraging multimedia, graphics, animation, and advanced features of Storyline, Captivate, and Camtasia to craft engaging stories that captivate learners. Alongside my technical proficiency, I possess strong business acumen and leadership abilities to ensure exceptional results in interpersonal and program management.

I Create Engaging Learning Experiences

My many years of experience make me a valuable asset, whether I'm collaborating in a team or leading an entire project. With this expertise, I possess the capability to deliver precisely what you are looking for, whether it be a basic project or an imersive and interactive learning expericene. Rest assured, I can fulfill your requirements with confidence.

  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent collaboration skills
  • Self motivated

A quick reference guide for pharam reps.

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A brochure style learnig module.

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A "how to" video for custom software.

A Space Invaders style game
with interactive learning elements.

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A quick reference guide for pharam reps.

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An interactive liniar learning module.

Learning module with chapters and knowledge checks.

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Whiteboard instructional video.

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Eric Jepsky

John did an outstanding job delivering an LMS-based certification course that's highly strategic to my go to market plan. John went above and beyond what was contractually required to make sure that all content was well designed, created, tested and properly deployed. John was a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend him.

Context: To drive prospect education and topline growth, the certification content John delivered was accessible through several large strategic partners to 100,000+ target prospects representing millions of businesses. The LMS content John created was also embedded into our products to provide additional 'on the spot' support to existing customers, positively impacting our net promoter score.

Rian Alfiero

I've had the privilege of collaborating with John in a multitude of roles for over two decades. Whether as colleagues, as associates serving mutual clients, or in instances when I've engaged him as a vendor for my own initiatives, John has consistently showcased a level of proficiency and dedication that is nothing short of exceptional.

John is a breeze to collaborate with - a blend of excellent communication skills and an affable nature. His client-centric approach is apparent in every interaction, always ensuring his clients feel valued and prioritized. To collaborate with John is to experience the gold standard of professionalism and dedication.

John Cole

Having worked with John previously, I knew I could call upon him to help me in a variety of job situations that called for technical knowledge and get-up-and-go. He possesses an understanding of web-based activities that is most helpful when in a pinch and can troubleshoot and create solutions on the fly. I call upon him constantly for consulting and will continue to do so. A great resource and true professional.